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The Game of Like!

As a Social Media Strategist at  JW Social Media, I have been blessed with the opportunity of meeting great people online that share the same passion as I do. Let me first introduce them to you.  They are Keri from Idea Girl Media and Dorien from More In Media.  These two fascinating ladies have introduced me to many people in the field of, what else, Social Media.  I guess you can say we flock together as we are “Birds Of a Feather”.  😉

In any event, they spear-headed this Game on Facebook, you should check it out if you have a Facebook Page and would be interested in learning how to increase your fan base and also learn some Facebook tips and hints.  So far, it has been a worthwhile experience for me.  And the fun part is, there’s still 5 days left.  So HURRY and join us!

Take this test and see if you should play the Game of Like with us.

  • Do you have a Facebook Page?
  • Do you want to grow your fan base?
  • Do you want some Facebook Page Tips and Hints?
  • Do you want to make friends  while playing the Game of Like?
If you answered “YES” to any of the above, you need to stop reading this and visit us right HERE!   Wait…..you have to leave me a comment first then you may  –>
 GO HERE!  🙂
Game of LIKE

Can Blogging Really Make You A Better Person?

I started this blog the beginning of this year with the intention of writing every day, then I thought, OK, maybe once a week, then it became every other week, to once a month to well….you get my drift.

Blogging takes time.  Just as with any form of social media, being consistent and developing relationships, getting into a routine, all those things take a lot of time.  Don’t you agree?

As you can see by the type of this blog, I really have very little excuse.  I wanted to blog about every thing under the sun.  {LIFE}  Or at least, things that I’m passionate about.  Writing is one of them.  That’s why I created this blog.  I write because I want to.  It makes me feel good.  I love to share.  And writing is sharing my thoughts….with whoever wants to read this.  I wish you’d comment.  🙂

Anyway, I knew there were benefits to blogging.  For me, it’s some form of release.  Like an exercise or a mini vacation.  It takes my mind at this given moment, away from every thing else that’s more pressing.  It’s a nice escape.  Not that I’m escaping anything.  ‘Cause I’ve worked hard today.  And I deserve this moment.  And now I just get to relax, drink a cup of tea, and share with you.

Check out the article on Problogger‘s list of  Ways Blogging Can Make You a Better Person.  That inspired me to write this blog.  Thank you!

How about you?  Do you think blogging has affected you positively?  Do share…