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Join me at JW Social Media website

Hello Readers!

When I started this Just {BE} blog about a year ago, I wanted it to be a “one stop shop”. I wanted to write about anything I love and passionate about….anything goes, no rules, no limits.

At first thought, it was a good idea. I can just write about anything in one spot. I don’t like to be restricted with anything I do. But after a while, being around different things, seeing and hearing different perspectives, it made more sense to separate things.

When I had my first-ever blog about 6 years ago, I treated that more like an online journal. Guess what?! That’s how blogs used to be back then. Without the help of social media or Triberr or anything that helps drive traffic to your site, your blogs don’t really have a good chance of being read.

But fast forward to today, I created JW Social Media since my networks are getting more broad, I need to have a blog that reaches different audience. I don’t want to bother my social media network about a food recipe, or a local restaurant or wine review and vice-versa.

So yes, as much as defied what I read a year ago, about a blog needing to have more focus, I am now admitting a year later, that a blog should have some type of direction. On that note, I’m revamping my site and for starters, I’m separating out any posts I have about social media and putting them on my JW Social Media website. I’m working on a foodie blog too, but maybe in a few months. I’ll keep you posted.

So, please make sure to visit me at my new site, OK? I’m starting fresh there and I need some comments. Your pictures will show up in my “Top Commenters” spot, I promise! ūüėČ

Be well!

My blog about Social Media


The Game of Like!

As a Social Media Strategist at¬† JW Social Media, I have been blessed with the opportunity of meeting great people online that share the same passion as I do. Let me first introduce them to you. ¬†They are Keri from Idea Girl Media and Dorien from More In Media. ¬†These two fascinating ladies have introduced me to many people in the field of, what else, Social Media. ¬†I guess you can say we flock together as we are “Birds Of a Feather”. ¬†ūüėČ

In any event, they spear-headed this Game on Facebook, you should check it out if you have a Facebook Page and would be interested in learning how to increase your fan base and also learn some Facebook tips and hints. ¬†So far, it has been a worthwhile experience for me. ¬†And the fun part is, there’s still 5 days left. ¬†So HURRY and join us!

Take this test and see if you should play the Game of Like with us.

  • Do you have a Facebook Page?
  • Do you want to grow your fan base?
  • Do you want some Facebook Page Tips and Hints?
  • Do you want to make friends ¬†while playing the Game of Like?
If you answered “YES” to any of the above, you need to stop reading this and visit us right HERE! ¬†¬†Wait…..you have to leave me a comment first then you may ¬†–>
¬†GO HERE! ¬†ūüôā
Game of LIKE

Learn Social Media from The Fresh Market

I went shopping at¬†Fresh Market¬†yesterday and what a treat that was! ¬†When they say “fresh” they meant it. ¬†I was greeted by fresh flowers, fresh produce, fresh meats, they even make fresh sushi daily! ¬†I swear, there were two sushi chefs preparing sushi right there, in front of your very eyes. ¬†But sushi aside, I love how there are wide selection of exotic fruits and vegetables. ¬†I LOVE how they stack them ever so neatly. ¬†I also love, love, love the fresh aroma of foods being prepared to entice you and make you salivate. ¬†But most of all, I LOVE the way the staff greeted me when I walked in the door and offered a sample of their fresh cut pineapples and fresh baked pound cake, which happened to be one of their Tuesday Special items. ¬†The staff were so friendly, so engaging and they were simply being! ¬†One the way out, one of the staff members even helped me to put my groceries in my car.

One other time I was there with my husband looking for something to make for our date night when one of the workers greeted and asked us, “How would you like to experience nirvana?” ¬†What?! ¬†Well, yeah, take me there! ¬†ūüôā ¬†He was referring to the filet mignon he was preparing. ¬†Let me tell you, it was exquisite! ¬†The filet mignon and the date night! ¬†Hee!

OK, why am I telling you all this?  We in social media need to take the same advice from Fresh Market.  There they are in their store, working, doing what they do best, doing what they love and sharing it with whoever happens to walk in the door.  They talk to you, they offer help, they offer you a taste of what they have on special or otherwise.  They make your experience from beginning through end extra special.

That’s what we all need to do when we launch a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any other social media account. ¬†Don’t just have a social media account for the sake of it. ¬†Get to know your customers, ask them what they like, offer a sample of what you have, talk to them, respond to them, engage with them. ¬†It’s a two way communication. ¬†Social media is not about being out there and yelling at people about what you do. ¬†We already know that. We read it in your bio. ¬†Consumers need to know that they’re being treated well, being entertained, being made to feel special. ¬†Social media is about communicating. ¬†Give your customers that nirvana they’re all looking for. ¬†Because you know what? ¬†If you won’t, they’ll go somewhere else. ¬†It’s as easy as hitting the “dislike” and “hide” buttons.

Remember, social media is not about you — it’s about them!

And here’s what I have for you….a simple recipe from one of the items I bought.

Fresh packets of sauce mix from Chef Rick Bayless. ¬†That’s it! ¬†Just provide 2 pounds of boneless pork roast, cut up in chunks, brown then slow cook as instructed on the packet. ¬†Plain and simple and it was oh so tasty! ¬† If you could only smell the wonderful aroma in my house, you would think I labored all day.

This is what I made from the other night.  Shrimp tacos, also made with Frontera Shrimp/Fish Taco Seasoning Sauce.


PS: ¬†I dedicate this blog post to one of my online friends, Jen Olney. ¬†Writing about our passion is what this is all about. ¬†“Anything goes, no rules, no limits….LIFE……Just {BE}!” ¬†Thank you Jen for the inspiration!

Can Blogging Really Make You A Better Person?

I started this blog the beginning of this year with the intention of writing every day, then I thought, OK, maybe once a week, then it became every other week, to once a month to well….you get my drift.

Blogging takes time. ¬†Just as with any form of social media, being consistent and developing relationships, getting into a routine, all those things take a lot of time. ¬†Don’t you agree?

As you can see by the type of this blog, I really have very little excuse. ¬†I wanted to blog about every thing under the sun. ¬†{LIFE} ¬†Or at least, things that I’m passionate about. ¬†Writing is one of them. ¬†That’s why I created this blog. ¬†I write because I want to. ¬†It makes me feel good. ¬†I love to share. ¬†And writing is sharing my thoughts….with whoever wants to read this. ¬†I wish you’d comment. ¬†ūüôā

Anyway, I knew there were benefits to blogging. ¬†For me, it’s some form of release. ¬†Like an exercise or a mini vacation. ¬†It takes my mind at this given moment, away from every thing else that’s more pressing. ¬†It’s a nice escape. ¬†Not that I’m escaping anything. ¬†‘Cause I’ve worked hard today. ¬†And I deserve this moment. ¬†And now I just get to relax, drink a cup of tea, and share with you.

Check out the article on Problogger‘s list of ¬†Ways Blogging Can Make You a Better Person. ¬†That inspired me to write this blog. ¬†Thank you!

How about you? ¬†Do you think blogging has affected you positively? ¬†Do share…


How To Build Relationships Through Social Media

Many people have asked me how to use Facebook , Twitter, LinkedIn or blogs to engage with people and win them over?

My answer is always the same. ¬†No matter what social media channel you use, always remember to…

Be Friendly, Be Engaging, Be Human.”

When you want a friend, you have to be a friend. ¬†Right? ¬†I mean, you can’t attract any friend, much less, any fans or followers if you’re snippy and full of bad attitude. ¬†You simply just have to be friendly. ¬†Simple.

Next, when you’ve attracted a friend, fan or follower, you need to be engaging. ¬†What’s attractive about a one-sided communication? ¬†Nothing. ¬†You need to be engaging. ¬†Ask a question. ¬†Answer a question. ¬†Create a fun environment. ¬†One of my pet peeves is when people don’t answer my question or email. ¬†What’s up with that? ¬†Did you not hear me? ¬†Respond please. ¬†Your customers want to hear from you too. ¬†So talk to them. ¬†Engage with them. ¬†Make them feel important and they will be back. ¬†ūüôā

Last but not least. ¬†And this should really be the easiest. ¬†Simply be human. ¬†That’s all. ¬†Treat others as you would want to be treated. ¬†No one’s perfect. ¬†So it’s OK if your customers see faults. ¬†Admit to it. ¬†Apologize. ¬†Then make it right. ¬†I’ll say it again, just be human.

Here are 5 suggestions on how you can build strong relationships in Social Media:

  1. Create an awareness and make your presence known in various Social Media Networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs, etc.
  2. Share personal stories with your friends, fans and followers.
  3. Share not only successes but also failures with your friends, fans and followers and make sure to involve them in the process.
  4. Communicate, communicate often and communicate promptly.
  5. Last but not least, take the time to say “thank you”.

So as you can see, it’s not that difficult to make Social Media work for you. ¬†It’s really just all about relationship building and if you remember to just be human and treat your customers as such, you will gain their trust.

So what do you think? ¬†Do you have any to add to my list? ¬†I’m open to hearing your ideas…. ¬†Oh, and thank you for stopping by and reading my blog!