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“The Real Housewives of Orange County” – Gretchen versus Tamra Feud

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Last night was the Season Premiere of “The Real Housewives of Orange County“.  I watch this for the pure entertainment of it.  Don’t we all?  🙂

During last night’s episode, Tamra invited all the girls over at her new boyfriend’s ranch for a “shopping” party.  The phone invitation to Gretchen was awkward.  Gretchen didn’t know what to make of it.  But it was obvious that Tamra was trying to make amends with her.  At this point, I think Tamra should have told Gretchen that she wants to start fresh and be friends again.  But I guess that would make for a very boring show?

All through the evening, Gretchen kept making a big deal of it, but decided to go anyway.  She and Alexis took a limo to the party.  Gretchen and Alexis arrived tipsy.  Which I thought was rude. At the party, Gretchen put on a cap from the shopping display and said she’d be protected from the evil bitch, hinting at Tamra, while wearing the evil eye cap.  Again, I thought it was rude.   You should never be rude to your hostess!  And if Gretchen was going to have this negative attitude she should have stayed home. Tamra tried to confront Gretchen and asked her if she was implying that she was a bitch.  Gretchen admitted and said, “Yea. Like I totally was.”  Instead of Tamra confronting it, she went and told Vicky, hoping as if Vicky will fight for her.  Vicky didn’t but let Tamra duke this one out with Gretchen.  Tamra didn’t do anything.  Gretchen left the party on her high horse.

So what do you think of last night’s episode?  Do you think Gretchen had the right to behave the way she did?  I mean, she could have declined the invitation.  Or do you think Tamra should have humbled herself and said sorry.

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