Do You Use Groupon?

Who wouldn’t love great savings every once on a while, on anything under the sun?

Check out Groupon and take advantage of some great deals in your area!



4 responses to “Do You Use Groupon?

  1. Hello Jocelyn,

    Groupon’s been taking a bit of a beating in the social news the past week or so. Are you a regular Groupon user?

    I’ve purchased some deals. Decided not to offer a Groupon for my business.

    And, now I am also curious about other similar services/companies.

    What’s your take now on the deals scene?


    • I have bought Groupon in the past. Being a foodie, I love restaurant deals the most. I have a binder that I keep all my Groupons which I’ve organized by “expiration dates”. 🙂

      As of late, I have noticed getting emails that I believe to be from “spammers” trying to pose as Groupon. Watch out for those!

  2. This is a very powerful and simple Internet marketing strategy, they are just building huge email lists and selling it. Groupon is doing this very successfully with a sales force and a traditional smile and dial tactic.

    I’m not a big believer in this kind of discounts as an online marketing strategy for small local businesses, this is short term thinking and you are not attracting long term super hardcore fans.

    Now Google is rolling out Google offers this will really challenge Groupon.

    • Hello Mattias!

      Thanks for stopping by and I appreciate your comment. As a consumer, I love the discounts. But I agree, for small local businesses using it as an online marketing strategy, it is quite costly from what I hear. It’s just good at getting people in the door but in hopes to establish them as a long time loyal customer, that all depends on a lot of factors that the business is willing to provide to that already captive audience. Sometimes the establishments get it, sometimes they don’t. I hate using coupons that have exclusions! And when I come across something like that, you’re right, I’m not that super hardcore fan. Marketing + Sales + Customer Service have to all be top-notch. If an establishment is successful at doing that, they can win a loyal customer. Fail at one of those, customers will be looking for another discount elsewhere. Looking forward to what Google comes up with! Thanks again! 🙂

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