Learning Something New

Have you ever felt at times you have it all together…you know exactly, what you’re going to do and know just how to go about doing it?  Yet sometimes, you feel so out of control and so unsure about which to do first?  Well, the latter is how I feel right now.

I really just planned to look at different Themes on WordPress and decide which one to go with so I can create a new website/blog for me.  What?  I know, I already have this blog why do I need another one.  I’m a girl!  I can’t have just one!  🙂

But anyway, I find myself so distracted about different things I’m reading.  You know how it is, you read something then there’s a link.  You click on the link, then it takes you to another link.  It’s like the battle of the links!

Sometimes I can stay focused and just read what I need to and ignore the links.  But there are times, when I just have to click on the links and several hours have passed and felt that I haven’t accomplished anything, except feel a bit overwhelmed.

All is not lost though.  Because at the end of the day, I found that I have learned so much from clicking all those different links.  It brought me to different websites which I found very informative, sometimes even funny, and some are like, what the heck?!  But I did learn!  So I guess despite of all of that.  I did learn something, well, a lot of new things!

How about you?  Are you “link clicker happy”?  Or do you feel that you can avoid clicking on the links and still get all the needed information that you need?  Are you able to stay focused?  What do you do when you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed and feel like you haven’t or aren’t accomplishing anything?

I think I’m going to get myself a cup of tea and grab a book for a bit.  There are no links to click there!



5 responses to “Learning Something New

  1. Yep, I am link clicker, you betcha! It is not uncommon for me to have 12+ tabs open in my browser at one time. About two months ago, I was turned on to http://www.instapaper.com. It allows you to save links and read later. So, if you really have a task at hand, you can click on a link and save for later. Say, set aside a particular time of day to do your reading. This has been very helpful for me.

    • Hi Dawn! I have to check out that website. Thank you! Usually, what I do is click then bookmark it. I have a bookmark set up entitled “Reads” and within that I have it subcategorized by subject. So when I schedule myself to read about “Facebook” or whatever else, that’s where I would go to. You know what I need to get sometime soon is a desktop. I want a big one! 😉

  2. I use a combination of twitter, instapaper, and Google bookmarks myself. Think of twitter as a modern day “Commonplace Book” (see wikipedia for definition). And, when using instapaper, don’t forget you can set up folders, eg. I have one for recipes to try and another for recipes I like (with notes on how I changed the recipe). I jsut recently started using Google bookmarks, but it seems pretty flexible.

    As for being link happy, I wonder if it’s good or bad. Currently, I’m leaning towards trying to click less and focus more. Then again, without clicking, I wouldn’t have discovered YOUR blog.

    Keep doing great things!

    • Hey thanks Sean! You’re the second person today to tell me about instapaper! I’ve created an account there to try it out. I’ve been creating and using my own bookmark with categories/subcategories, located in my bookmarks bar. So far, the concept seems to be the same? Still learning, so we’ll see… I am a very organized person, but you have to admit those links are sure distraction! 🙂 It goes without saying though that I have discovered very interesting blogs and people because of those links! And for the record, I finished drinking my tea, and I never left the computer! Darn links! 😀

  3. Here’s a good article by Chris Brogan on distractions…

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