A Very Organic Facial Experience

Today was my {ME} day.  No SEO, no SEM, no SM, just me and some pampering.  I had an hour-long date with the Elliptical machine while I watched my favorite HGTV, then I was off to Mariola’s Organic Spa & Retreat for an hour-long organic facial with Vanessa.  What an exquisite treat it was!  Let me walk you through my experience…

The spa was very inviting.  There were wonderful scent everywhere of incense, vanilla, a hint of strawberries or was it raspberries?  WOW!  It was purely magical.  I filled out a questionnaire.  Then Vanessa gave me a quick tour of the place.  When I walked in the treatment room, she explained to me what I needed to do and there I was, laying there anxious to experience what was next.

Threading?  That was my first.  I want to do that again.  My brows look sultry.  I love the shape of it.  Thanks Vanessa!

Next, facial….she started with a nice neck and shoulder massage, then facial massage, then some scalp, more facial, more neck and shoulders, facial again….ahhh, I’m in heaven!  There were harp instruments playing in the background and Vanessa is one of the angels!  She has very gentle hands with just the right strokes.  It was so very relaxing, I think I dozed off from time to time.  I really liked that they use organic products that is safe and gentle on my skin.  Plus, it smelled wonderful and gave me a nice glow afterwards.

You can tell Vanessa is passionate about what she does.  It comes through her hands.  Keep it up Vanessa!  Any of you want a facial treat….Vanessa works at Mariola’s Organic Spa & Treatment on Fridays from 10am to 6pm.


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